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Performances June 15-17 at the Fringe

A Grand Night For Singing is a romantic and family friendly show which explores the various stages of love. It begins with the dawning of romance—young infatuation and the awakenings of real love: From courtship and young love, the journey continues into commitment—or backing away from it. When the men advise the ladies 'Don't Marry Me,' the ladies respond with 'Many a New Day' and 'I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa My Hair.' Act I proceeds through the advent of true love.
The arc of the revue continues into mature love and relationships. "The feelings expressed in these classic songs are so simple, so real, but they also convey the responsibilities and challenges of enduring love, as well as the pain. The revue will leave the audience with a hopeful feeling about the nature of love itself." 

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